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This wiki is a public resource for the community of Bitcoin users, developers, and businesses as well as anyone interested in Bitcoin.

Unlike Wikipedia, the Bitcoin Wiki is not an encyclopedia, and includes things like non-encyclopedia details (e.g., exact specifications on service fees, product performance, etc), how-to manuals, protocol specifications, original research, etc. There are also no notability requirements beyond the requirement that the material be of general interest to some segment of the Bitcoin community or the Bitcoin-curious general public.

Because this resource is open to editing by the general public, readers should be aware that the material presented here often does not reflect the views of the entire Bitcoin community and may be outdated, incorrect, or outright malicious at times.

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This wiki uses a multi-lingual scheme similar to Wikipedia's, which means a translated article get links to its translation in the menu (in the left column from the Main Page).

If you feel one language is missing and are ready to start translating a lot of pages, you can request the creation of the language of your choice.


Backups are generated weekly, and can be downloaded from the backup repository. Setting up a mirror is easy enough, as many websites explain how to restore a MediaWiki xml dump into a fresh installation.


Staff and some other editors can be contacted in the #bitcoin-wiki freenode IRC channel. Please avoid contacting us to ask questions already answered on this wiki.


When wiki was opened (on December 16th 2010), the initial license was WTFPL. It has been brought up that CC-by would be more appropriate as content from the previous wiki is under CC-by.

Acceptable Use[edit]


No affiliate/referral code links.

Alternative cryptocurrencies[edit]

Alternative cryptocurrencies (ie, besides Bitcoin) are, as a rule, considered off-topic. Technical topics, including changes that may never be made to Bitcoin, are allowed, provided they stick to the technical topic only. A single list of alternative cryptocurrencies is exempted from this policy.

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